We want to meet the dogs of ESA!

As the holidays approach, we thought it would be fun to learn more about the 1,600+ professionals that now make up the Excavation Safety Alliance membership! It has been such a joy to see the community grow and connect in 2023, and we want to take a beat to meet the furry friends behind the passionate ESA community.  

We want to meet the dogs of ESA! We've partnered with fellow Minnesota-based company Good Thomas for a special $100 give-away to one randomly selected member who submits their pup's photo. Learn more about Good Thomas and their holiday sale here!

How to Enter

Submit your dog's photo (and a short bio!) to info@ExcavationSafetyAlliance.com, OR respond to the Dogs of ESA LinkedIn post with a photo! Winner will be selected in one week.

Meet the ESA Staff Dogs!



Owner: Scott Landes, CEO

Henry is incredibly lovable. If you stand still near him for more than a minute he will sit on your feet. He needs human contact. However he also requires attention, and will bark if not getting enough attention. 


Chance Pepper Price

Owner: Whitney Price, VP of Operations

Chance or “Bubba” as he’s affectionately called, is a 10-year-old energetic fuzz ball. Known for his cuddles and endless barks at UPS, Chance enjoys LONG walks, ball tosses in the lake, and summer car rides with both windows down..


Juniper Baraboo

Owner: Levi Mills, Marketing Manager

Juniper is a 6-year-old mutt who's never met an adventure she didn't want to join or a rabbit she didn't want to chase with reckless abandon. In recent years her bike rides and long hikes have been replaced with evading grabby baby and toddler hands, but she perseveres. 



Aunt & Babysitter: Brenda Hansen, Project Success Coordinator

I'm Brenda H, the Project Success Coordinator at ESA, and doubling as the trusted aunt and proclaimed babysitter extraordinaire for Muggles—keeping the enchantment alive, even when his family is off on their magical escapades!

Staff Report


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