Meet the Member Dogs of ESA!

We asked the members of the Excavation Safety Alliance to submit photos and descriptions of their furry sidekicks and they more than delivered! We received submissions from across the United States, and randomly chose ONE winner to receive a $100 Good Thomas discount code!



Ripley, Owner: Paige Nygaard of KorTerra

Meet Ripley, the adventurous canine with a passion for digging! This spirited pup has a knack for unearthing hidden treasures in the backyard but always puts safety first by dialing 811 before starting any excavation. With a wagging tail and a responsible mindset, Ripley proves that even in the world of canine exploration, safety is the top priority.



Ranger, Owner: Jason Quimby of Miller Pipeline

Meet Ranger a feist. This guy is 100% from wake to sleep! Loves chasing squirrels!





Zelos, Owner: Trae Berhow of KorTerra

Zelos 🐺 , The Long-Haired German Shepherd, has an attitude like no other and a voice that can be heard from a mile away. With those big paws of his, digging comes easy. But don’t you worry; he never forgets to call 811!




Honey, Owner: Susan Bohl of OKIE811

 Honey is a rescue dog that we adopted about 6 years ago when he was around 2 years old. We named him Honey because of the color of his coat but now my husband is a Beekeeper, so Honeys name is even more befitting.





Mabel, Owner: Courtney Ommen

This is Mabel – we adopted her last year and can’t imagine life without her now! She likes playing with squeaky marshmallow-shaped toys, eating pumpkin-flavored treats, and long walks around our backyard pond. 🐾



Sir Puglas Aurelius

Pugsley, Owner: Sarah Madson of KorTerra

Sir Puglas Aurelius (a.k.a. Pugsley) has a peculiar passion that sets him apart from the common canine folk – he is the self-proclaimed Guardian of the Backyards. In Victoria, it is a sacred rule that before any dog dares to dig in their yard, they must call 811 to ensure the safety of their subterranean adventures.


Jack w811


Jack, Owner: Jim Wooten of CenterPoint Energy

Jack loves to dig so he calls so he knows where the gas lines are around his house.




Apple, Henry, and Rocket, Owner: Karen Gunderson of KorTerra

Apple, Henry and Rocket - no need for a security system at our house...In reality, they are scaredy-pants of rain, loud noises, and things blowing around outside, such as 811 dig flags. 🙃




Allie, Owner: Jenna Defilippo of Eversource

Allie (short for Alligator) is a 6 year old Husky/Retriever that we fostered and then couldn’t let her go! She’s as lovable as she is crazy. Allie has never turned down a piece of food and is always appreciative of new toys. She can often be seen chasing squirrels and rabbits around the neighborhood.





Belle, Peg, and Scooby, Owner: Keely Hosmann of Kansas 811

We adopted all three at different times. Belle is our older gal who rules the roost. Peg is our princess. Scooby is our goofball. Each one of them hold a special place in our hearts!




Muffin, Owner: Jim Plasynski of KorTerra

When you think of a Pit Bull, who doesn't think of a dog named Muffin? It needs to be as obvious as calling 811 before you dig. Muffin is about 1 foot tall, 48lbs of muscle, and a total bed hog 😂 



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