September Town Hall: What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Damage to Pipelines and Cables on Farms and Ranches?

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September 14th, 2023, brought about discussion on “What are the best ways to prevent damage to pipelines and cables on farms and ranches?” As the safety of farmers and ranchers intertwines with infrastructural developments, it is imperative that we address the challenges posed to them by excavation activities. This informative Town Hall, sponsored by the Pipeline Ag Safety Alliance (PASA), dissected the hurdles in disseminating safety information and emphasized effective communication strategies with this stakeholder group.

Whitney Price, from the Excavation Safety Alliance, moderated the discussion, leading a panel of industry experts through a number of questions.

▪️ Shane Bryan, Ritter Communications
▪️ Gordon Moore, Moore Ag Safety
▪️ Enden Nelson, Plains All American
▪️ Brooklyne Wassel, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension
▪️ Roger Watwood, JULIE, Inc. (Illinois One-Call System)

Didn't tune in? Catch up on all the knowledge dropped by our panelists by watching the full video here. Furthermore, the short documentary titled "Three Seconds Later" referenced during the discussion offers a harrowing look into the ramifications of excavation missteps. Watch it here.


Diving into the concerns, the panel elaborated on:

• Common misconceptions harbored by farmers and ranchers regarding utility safety.
• Evolving outreach behaviors in response to observed trends.
• Heartening stories where proactive measures averted damages.
• The impact of changing land ownership on farm safety.
• Strategic dissemination of safety information nationwide.
• Addressing peak periods of heightened utility damages.
• Potential incentives to champion safer digging habits.
• Amplifying communication efficacy with agriculture professionals.

Our audience actively participated as well, adding layers of depth to the discourse:

Shannon Neufeld from the Canada Energy Regulator posed one such astute question, "How do pipeline companies address erosion of cover over the pipe in the long term? How do you ensure that the ag activities included in the exemption are safe?" Watch the full video to hear how are panelists answered this and other questions.

With October just around the corner, make sure you're part of our next Town Hall on “How Can Industry Stakeholders Better Leverage Data Analytics to Reduce Damages and Improve Planning?” Set your reminder for October 12th, 2023, from 10:30 - 11:30 AM CDT. The realm of data analytics and its potential in the excavation landscape await our collective exploration. Register here.

Till then, let's keep the conversation alive and champion safety at every turn! See you soon!



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