OKIE811’s Beer “Can-paign”

AS THE CALENDAR turned to August, excitement filled the air for damage prevention industry professionals across the nation, all eagerly anticipating the arrival of August 11th – a special day dedicated to promoting the importance of 811. It was National 811 Day, and OKIE811 had something unique in store to celebrate this occasion… an exclusive collaboration with the renowned Cross Timbers Brewing, bringing forth a limited-edition craft honey brown ale named "Bee Safe". 

You might wonder, why choose beer to mark this day? In Oklahoma, the craft beer scene was experiencing exponential growth. Our state, once home to just a handful of breweries, had undergone an extraordinary transformation, now boasting an impressive count of over 40 breweries in just half a decade. What made this growth even more captivating was the enthusiasm surrounding limited beer releases. This phenomenon deeply resonated with craft beer enthusiasts who relished the opportunity to collect diverse beer experiences and explore a wide array of styles. 

Close your eyes and imagine the delightful experience of sipping on a carefully crafted honey brown ale infused with the pure essence of Oklahoma honey. This special brew displayed a warm, inviting amber brown color that immediately drew your attention. At its core, it featured the classic brown ale characteristics, celebrated for its rich malt flavor, complemented by subtle hints of nuttiness and caramel notes. However, the magic happened when locally sourced Oklahoma honey was added, introducing a subtle sweetness and delicate floral undertones that seamlessly blended with the depth of the malt. The result was a perfectly balanced and velvety symphony of flavors. Bee Safe Honey Brown Ale was a paradise for those who appreciated a touch of sweetness in their beer, a complex fusion of tastes that harmonized flawlessly. 

But our choice to incorporate local honey went beyond mere flavor infusion; it encapsulated the very essence of our region. Each sip of Bee Safe transformed into a journey through Oklahoma's diverse landscape and rich culture. This limited-edition brew radiated authenticity, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to taste the heart and soul of our state with every satisfying gulp. 

On August 10th, OKIE811 joined forces with the Oklahoma City Pipeliners Club to provide a pre-release event during their meeting at a rooftop bar. Then, on August 11th, OKIE811 hosted the public release of Bee Safe at the Cross Timbers Brewing Company. These events collectively raised over a thousand dollars for the OKC Pipeliners Scholarship fund, highlighting the success of this creative initiative. 

Furthermore, Bee Safe Honey Brown Ale was made available in distribution throughout the State of Oklahoma, with sales continuing to support the scholarship fund. This ongoing effort not only celebrated the exquisite flavors of this craft beer, but also contributed to a noble cause. 

As the dawn of August 11th approached, we extended an invitation to join us in commemorating 811 Day with a toast of this remarkable craft honey brown ale. Let us raise our glasses not only to responsible excavation but also to the unparalleled taste adventure that is uniquely Oklahoman. With Bee Safe, every sip is a testament to safeguarded digging and an homage to the authentic flavors that define our great state.

M.G. Govia


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