Kemp Garcia: A Beacon of Passion in Damage Prevention

Passion is universal with Damage Prevention Heroes, and Kemp Garcia is a poster child for passion. Damage Prevention Heroes work on damage prevention initiatives outside their daily job responsibilities. From an Excavation Safety Alliance (ESA) perspective, Kemp has said yes to every volunteer request ESA has ever made, starting with being on the 2009 CGA Excavation Safety Conference & Expo Advisory Board. The Advisory Board was created to help ensure the educational program was based on what stakeholders felt was important. Kemp had been involved in locating since 1992 and was very active in damage prevention, so he was a perfect fit. Since then, he has written articles for the Damage Prevention Professional magazine (now Excavation Safety Magazine), the Excavation Safety Guide, has been an ESA Town Hall panel member, and has been an extremely involved ESA Town Hall participant in almost all Town Halls. Most of his experience is with locating, vacuum excavation, excavation, and SUE, but he always provides ideas and input with all stakeholders in mind. Without people like Kemp, we could not effectively pursue our mission of saving lives through education and collaboration.

Kemp.GarciaKemp's dedication and impact extend well beyond his involvement with ESA. Mike Flowers, Director of Education - Training and Safety at NUCA, applauds Kemp's contributions within NUCA, highlighting Kemp's role as the Chair of the NUCA of Washington Dig Safety Program. In this capacity, Kemp serves as the lead instructor and creator of course material, showcasing his expertise and commitment to educating others in damage prevention. Additionally, Kemp is the NUCA Chair Liaison for the Statewide Dig Law Safety Committee, where he is recognized as the damage prevention expert for the NUCA of Washington membership. Kemp's dedication shines through as he fields all damage prevention calls from members, providing advice and guiding them through the process, especially for safe locates. His willingness to go above and beyond is further exemplified by his testimony before the state house, solidifying his role as a leader and advocate for damage prevention initiatives.

I know how busy everyone in the industry is with their full-time jobs, so I am always amazed by people like Kemp who step up and take on volunteer roles on top of their existing roles. I knew Kemp was involved in NUCA and other things in WA, but when I looked at his LinkedIn profile, I was even more impressed. Having been on the CGA Education Committee for many years and a co-chair for 4 years, I know how much work can be involved with these volunteer positions. Kemp is truly a Damage Prevention Hero and a role model for how the industry can move forward to reduce damages and make excavation safer.


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