From the Publisher: What's in a Name?

What’s in a Name

Since 2003 when we first started, we have been dedicated to damage prevention and excavation safety. We believe when we focus on safe excavation, it will also help prevent damage to buried facilities through education. Focusing on safe excavation spotlights the importance of safety for the people doing the digging. And keeping people safe is the top priority of both damage prevention and safe excavation efforts.

Providing a tool to keep excavators safe is why we created our annual Excavation Safety Guide in 2005, and with over 8,000,000 in print we believe it is making a difference. When our outdoor demo expo (Underground Focus Live & Underground Focus Academy) morphed into a full-scale conference in 2006, it became the Excavation Safety Conference & Expo. Following along with this strategy, our Damage Prevention Professional/dp-PRO magazine became the Excavation Safety Magazine in 2023. When we created our membership program and virtual Town Halls, we chose the name Excavation Safety Alliance because of our continued focus on excavation safety. Our Pipeline Ag Safety Alliance (PASA) is the only segment of our business that does not incorporate the term excavation safety because most farmers and ranchers do not consider much of the soil disturbance they do to be “excavation”.

Our company name, Infrastructure Resources, has been behind the scenes because our marketing always focuses on the specific initiative/event, like the Global Excavation Safety Conference. Our Excavation Safety Alliance Town Halls and membership program really describe what we do as a company. We bring people, companies, and associations together to provide education and to focus on discussing solutions to excavation safety problems, including avoiding contact with aerial cables during construction projects. We are a safety nexus and keeping excavators safe is our goal.

So back to the question…what’s in a name? Words are important and Excavation Safety Alliance describes our overarching mission, so our company name is changing from Infrastructure Resources to Excavation Safety Alliance.

Our new name and logo will be on our websites, brochures, and products. The idea behind the design of our new logo came from the creative mind of Levi Mills, Marketing Manager. We also have a tag line for the new logo to explain our brand and what we do. The tag line is “Safety in Collaboration”. And after lots of discussion, we picked these words to reflect our mission to bring people, companies, and associations together to provide education and to focus on discussing solutions to excavation safety problems.

Our new company website is, so the domain in all our emails has changed to reflect this. We also created a YouTube station (@ExcavationSafetyAlliance) where all our Town Hall recordings, webinar recordings, conference videos, etc. can be seen. If you would like to get involved with the Excavation Safety Alliance, take a look at our membership options on page 11 in this issue of the magazine.


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