Become Part of the Excavation Safety Movement

We believe a focus on safe excavation education and initiatives helps prevent damage to buried facilities. Focusing on safe excavation spotlights the importance of safety for the people doing the digging and is the top priority of both damage prevention and safe excavation efforts. The Excavation Safety Alliance (ESA) was created to give a voice to all stakeholders, provide education, and be a place where solutions to industry problems can be shared.

You can join the movement and support excavation safety and damage prevention by becoming an ESA member. Individuals can join for FREE because we believe every stakeholder can make a difference. Organizations can also become members and support the ESA mission of safety through collaboration.

Who is ESA?

We have been providing damage prevention and excavation safety education since 2003.

You may know us by our previous name, Infrastructure Resources, or by some of our other initiatives:

Global Excavation Safety Conference (started in 2004)
Excavation Safety Guide (started in 2006)
Excavation Safety Magazine (started in 2010 as the Damage Prevention Professional and then DP-Pro)
Pipeline Ag Safety Alliance (PASA – started in 2015)
Locator Safety & Appreciation Week (LSAW – started in 2015)
Virtual Town Halls (started April 2022)

FREE Individual Membership:

As an individual member you will be joining over 1,000 stakeholders who are committed to making excavation safe for everyone. You will also receive:

• Monthly member e-newsletter
• Social media badge you can use on your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram page to show your support for excavation safety and damage prevention
• The ability to have a voice in all ESA Town Halls
• Free access to special “members only” events
• Access to safety checklists and solutions downloads
• Annual Excavation Safety Magazine subscription

Company Membership:

Your annual $2000 membership will help make all the individual membership benefits possible, and make it clear to the industry that you support damage prevention and excavation safety. In addition, your company will receive:

• A 10% discount on all Global Excavation Safety Conference fees, excluding the early bird $811 offer (unlimited use)
• Company logo and link on the ESA website member page
• Company logo on the ESA member section in the annual Excavation Safety Guide
• Company logo on the ESA member section in the annual Excavation Safety Magazine

Become an individual or company member by checking out the previous page!

These are the ESA guiding principles:

• ESA is the place where every stakeholder will have a platform to have their voice and ideas heard.
• ESA is the place where solutions and ideas to solve industry problems are available to all stakeholders.
• Every ESA member and member company has an equal voice.

ESA is where stakeholder specific associations can share ideas and work together to improve excavation safety and damage prevention for their members.


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